Before you buy…

Kent SEO and Search Engine Marketing CompanyThis free guide will give clients an overview of search engine marketing services, as well as an explanation of why ethical SEM gets better ROI in the long term. Search  engine marketing (SEM) are techniques to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPS) through the use of pay-per-click, contextual advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). WARNING: Hiring the wrong SEM company could score an own goal!
Many use outdated methods, which could damage your websites reputation, violating search engine guidelines and increasing bounce rate.
Clients should get involved from the outset!
Make sure you get the best possible results from a SEM campaign by working closely with your consultant; imparting your valuable insight and industry knowledge to ensure your search engine marketing consultant clearly understands your goals.

When should you hire a top SEM consultant or company?

It’s a good time to hire an SEM consultant if you’re considering a website makeover or a new website. This makes sure you get off to a good start with a search engine friendly website design.

ATTENTION Buyers Beware!

  • Do you know what precautions to take when hiring a Search Engine Marketing Consultant or SEM?
  • What to if your SEM advice turns out to be an expensive waste of time?
  • What do you do if your link building campaign does more harm than good?
  • Are you helpless in the hands of a search engine marketing company which takes your money but fails to deliver measurable results?
  • Are you victim of unsolicited emails from SEM companies guaranteeing top spot on Google?

Be realistic about your marketing budget but avoid low-balling

Budget considerations are very important these days. Some SEM consultants and SEO specialists might cut corners to work within your budget. I dont recommend this practice because under investment means there is a real danger of your campaign failing to meet your goals and business objectives.

Clearly define your web marketing strategy and target audience(s) and be specific! It’s surprising how often we receive vague objectives from our clients. So we’d encourage clients to work with the consultant to clarify these points right at the start of the project.

Get your free quote for search engine marketing. What should clients look for when hiring a SEM expert? With a little care, many problems can be avoided. Before you sign a contract or hand over your money familiarize yourself with how search engines work. Ask yourself if the service you are buying is really what you are looking for and how much you can afford.
Think carefully about how you are going to measure the results. Do not be persuaded into hiring Search Engine Marketing services on the spur of the moment. Do your research first.

Tips to find the right SEM marketing professional

  1. Look for a SEM consultant or company with experience in your industry
  2. Ask for examples of previous success stories
  3. Ask questions if something is unclear and get everything agreed in writing
  4. Ask about goal setting, measurable expectations, budget and timelines.
  5. Ask if they follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  6. Agree the format, content and frequency of a formal reporting structure?