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Email Optimisation Tip: List Segmentation

“Over half of email marketers fail to segment email lists” – BizReport


Without a doubt, email marketing is a powerful way to attract new customers to any business, but many business people have also admitted that their email campaigns have been ineffective in providing them the results they were actually expecting. It’s a fact that setting up an email campaign is one thing and optimising it is entirely different. So, you have to devise powerful ways to optimise your email campaigns to make them work for you as expected. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most prominent methods and processes by which we can optimise email campaigns.

If you have a large list of email addresses in your email database, it makes a lot of sense to break it down into smaller parts to send specifically targeted messages and offers to each group of targeted users. Actually, it depends on the size of your email list, and the types of audiences you want to target with your email campaign. You can divide the list into two equal halves or you can opt for even smaller parts. Also, you can make permanent segments that you can use to send different targeted messages, or you can alter these segments from time to time according to your requirements.

Email Optimisation Tip: A/B testing

“A/B testing isn’t a buzz term. A lot of savvy marketers and designs are using it right now to gain insight into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rate.” – Smashing Magazine

This type of testing is conducted to compare two different components of a campaign while not altering any other factors. For instance; you can split your email list into any two parts and use different lines for email subjects to determine which one will prove to be more powerful for your marketing campaign. You can even test two different types of offers to determine the most effective one. It’s worth mentioning that, for obtaining the best results and best practices for effective email optimisation, you have to conduct many A/B tests continuously on your campaigns.

Email Optimisation Tip: Process optimisation

“Data! Data! Data!” he cried impatiently, “I cannot make bricks without clay!” – Sherlock Holmes

In any email optimisation program, a systematic approach plays a significant role. It does not matter which email optimisation technique you may use, but if your processes are not perfect and flawless, you cannot get consistently positive results. First of all you have to make a comprehensive list of items that you want to test. You have to determine the factors on which you want to base your list segmentation processes. You should brainstorm with your business partners or employees, to get the best ideas that can be incorporated in your email optimisation programs in order to obtain the most desirable results. Then make the segments and begin the testing process in a systematic way. Always run only one test at a time to draw definite conclusions. Track all the accumulated data carefully and store it in a way so that it can be easily retrieved and compared. The impact of tests and list segmentation can be positive or negative. That’s why you should make sure you keep records of all the changes you make in your email optimisation program, what are the results, and when you make these changes, etc.

Email optimisation isn’t simply a ‘buzzword’ and we believe that everyone can take benefits from learning these powerful email optimisation techniques. To discuss your email marketing campaign call us on 01622-744-659.