Despite being in use by some 90% of websites, internet giant Google has announced that SHA-1 (SSL encryption) is ”dangerously insecure” and should be replaced by upgraded SSL encryption SHA-2—and Google’s browser, Chrome, will be actively warning people in the browser bar from now on until judgement day!

We strongly encourage everyone to sit up and take notice of Google’s warning,” said Steve Elson, CEO at Signature Image Consultants. “It’s weak, and upgrading to SHA-2 now not only ensures that your website is safe—it also shows your customers that you take their security seriously and builds trust”.

Thankfully, checking to see whether your website domain uses SHA-1 or SHA-2 is simple.


Signature Image Consultants Advises Upgrading To SHA-2. If you’re unsure about your current SSL Certificate and SHA-2 please forward a link to your report to us here at Signature Image Consultants for help upgrading.