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Should PPC be part of your marketing?

Businesses of all sizes can see a tremendous return on investment with the right pay per click (PPC) marketing strategy.

A pay per click campaign for every budget
We can tailor effective pay per click campaigns for almost any budget. By setting daily, weekly or monthly maximums you’re willing to pay for your clicks, you control your investment down to the penny.

Increase market reach with AdWords retargeting
Google Retargeting takes the whole Google AdWords concept another step forwards, and is a way in which you can connect with your visitors by specifically tailoring your Google PPC campaigns to the way in which your potential customers were previously interacting with your website.

Search engines, social media, mobile apps and more
We can target your customers with pay per click ads on search engines, popular news and entertainment sites, Facebook and other social media networks and even mobile applications. We choose the advertising mix that makes sense for your business and your target market.

We do it all: setup, tracking and ongoing management
Our marketing team in Maidstone, Kent, UK, takes care of your entire Google pay per click campaigns. We develop a ppc marketing strategy that fits your goals and budget, set the ads up and track the performance of each individual ad. We’ll provide you with reports detailing the number of clicks each ad receives and the number of sales or other profitable actions those clicks generate—giving you clear insight into your ad performance and return on investment.

Increase market reach with a managed email marketing campaign

Email is an effective least cost marketing tool and less intrusive than sales calls and advertising. Strategically executed, email marketing is still one of the most powerful forms of online marketing, producing excellent results for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

The more targeted your email messages, the more rewarding the results. We will tailor your message to each individual on your email marketing list instead of treating them like a mob. Then our creative team crafts email messages designed to speak directly to them as individuals. This highly personalised method produces a higher conversion rate than generic email marketing campaigns.

If your current list isn’t yielding the returns it once did, or if you need to build a quality email marketing list from scratch, Signature can help. As email marketing specialists, Signature offers your business a proven return on your advertising investment.

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