13 helpful social media marketing tricks every business should know (that actually work)

If you’re already running a business, we probably don’t need to tell you that understanding particular social media demographics is a must for business success.

So here’s 13 useful social media marketing tricks that will help you rock!

13 helpful social media marketing tricks every business should know (that actually work)

Social media marketing trick 1. Don’t talk at people: engage with them

Make sure your audience feel they’re important to you and not just another invoice. So simply posting click bait on Facebook is not very effective, because it looks like you’re preaching at them.

Successful businesses know how to engage their target audience; like asking questions, answering questions and actively having discussions. When you engage your audience the right way they realise their opinions matter to you, and will be far more receptive.

Marketing trick 2. Use videos and the “go live” feature on Facebook

People love watching videos, especially if the content is interesting, exciting and relevant. So a personal video is incredibly powerful as it engages with your audience. When you go live on Facebook, you’re letting your audience know that you are eager to connect with them. While, at the same time, showing a more transparent, human side which is what they want most from you.

Going live and having great video content also helps with your Facebook marketing according to Facebook’s algorithm.

Marketing trick 3. Utilize Facebook’s free marketing tools.

Did you know that there are many free tools on Facebook to help you promote and market your business? So spend some time discovering this treasure trove of tools.

Facebook Messenger allows you to communicate with potential customers in real time as they make queries on your page. Messenger has been shown to be even more effective than email marketing because it has a much higher click-through rate. So why not integrate your chat platforms to your Facebook account for updated news, offers, listings and more?

Marketing trick 4. Facebook Boosts & Ads Can Take your Marketing to the Next Level.

Make the most of FB‘s algorithms by using their ads and boosts to promote your business. While you’ll pay a small amount upfront, it’ll pay off.  As a bigger target audience of potential customers will definitely help you in the long run!

Marketing trick 5. Humour Sells!

This one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if you’ve been keeping up with current trends. Everyone likes a good joke, a clever or witty comeback and fun comments. This this is especially true for Twitter and folks who regularly use humour are more likely to have more loyal followers.

Research has shown that most shared content is of a witty nature. Take advantage of this by using your own, unique form of humour. Oreo Cookie is one of the brands killing it on Twitter. With clever and impossibly funny comments and quips and they have a huge following.

Marketing trick 6. Play around with visuals and your own creativity.

When posting on Twitter, try and keep your content fun, varied and creative with the use of attractive visuals. This will keep your followers loyal and they will also be more likely to want to engage with you.

Marketing trick 7. Don’t Abuse Hashtags!

Nothing is more irritating than the overuse (or even misuse) of hashtags on Twitter. Not only will it make you lose followers, but it also does nothing for your marketing strategy. Instead of going crazy with the hashtags, use a few, well-thought out hashtags that are not too long. Highlight something important you’re trying to say.

Marketing trick 8. Work on your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page

To get found and noticed on LinkedIn you need to optimise your profile using strategic keywords. This helps your marketing campaign a great deal. As the more you‘re searched and appear in results, the better chance you have of potential customers contacting you. 

Marketing trick 9. Know your competition’s strategies

New to LinkedIn and are unsure of how to market yourself there? Why not take a look at your competitors and check out what they‘re doing? Take note of what your most successful competitors are doing. Which keywords they use, what content they post and how they have set up their profile.

Marketing trick 10. Make your LinkedIn profile stand out by asking employees to follow it

The most successful companies have LinkedIn profiles with a large list of employees working for them. If you want to have an amazing impact on LinkedIn, you need to optimise it with social proof. (which essentially works on the concept that the more people who like and endorse you, the more trustworthy and successful you must be). Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for follow your LinkedIn Page for maximum effect.

Marketing trick 11 UGC is King on Instagram!

UGC (or user-generated content) is essential to market effectively on Instagram. Don’t simply regurgitate content but aim to post content such as customer reviews, product photos, service or videos.

Marketing trick 12. Use your hashtags correctly!

If you use your hashtags incorrectly on Instagram, you are basically wasting effort and possibly annoying some of your followers. One or two cleverly thought-out hashtags that are not too long and are relevant to your business can go a long way in improving your marketing strategy.

Marketing trick 13. Ensure that you engage on Instagram

Although Instagram is largely a visual platform, this does’t mean you shouldn’t be engaging with your followers! Whenever you post and receive comments, always respond in a friendly and professional way to help build relationships with followers. This is vital as a great relationship with your followers can lead to a loyal customer base and more conversions. Instagram looks at how you engage with followers when ranking you in their algorithm, so better engagement, means higher visibility!

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