5 Ways To Improve Your Website Branding

Your company’s website is the virtual reception area for customers who find you online. As the saying goes, “First impressions count” and if a potential customer has a less than stellar experience with your brand in the first few minutes, you will be hard-pressed to receive a sale from them.

It is therefore very important that if you want your brand to look professional, trustworthy and appealing to your target market, there is much more to website branding than simply a well-designed logo.

There are various elements that all work harmoniously together to create the perfect branding for your website. Once you have achieved this, you should benefit from more site traffic, a higher ranking on search engines and, ultimately, more sales and profits. Let’s take a look at 5 effective ways in which to improve your website’s branding!

1. Create a Mission Statement

This may sound a bit obvious, but having your own brand mission statement is vital if you want to let website visitors know what your company is passionate about. If you are having trouble coming up with an effective mission statement, think about the reason you get up every morning and why you started your company in the first place. Your mission statement should reflect what your company holds most dear and this should be voiced in your tagline, logo, website and overall voice. If a customer can see from your website that you live out your mission statement in everything you do, you will be more likely to have more sales.

2. Know your Target Audience.

Your target audience determines how you build your brand. Your brand must be appealing to those who will most likely use your products or services. Your website’s message should therefore be customized to meet the needs of this specific group of people and should be as specific as possible. Spend some time researching the behaviours, thoughts and actions of your target audience and get to know the average age,  gender, earning potential and location of these people. Once you have a clear picture as to who your target audience is, you will then be able to create and build a brand that they can relate and understand on a deeper level.

We approached this website with the mindset of a classic car enthusiast. Our aim was to share Californian Classics love for classic cars, their experience, knowledge and expertise to help customers find the finest parts, engines and accessories to restore or improve their classic Karmann Ghia

3. Ensure that your Brand’s Personality Shines Through

Most customers are tired of the same old, cookie-cutter businesses and are looking for a company that is different and values the same things as they do. It is for this reason, that you should never try and emulate another company’s brand. Instead, let your own, unique personality shine through your branding and make sure that your customers understand that they are important to you.

Our lead designer drew inspiration from vintage 50s VW ads and typography. Producing a modern retro design that was nostalgic, engaging and really stood out against many template-based sites in their market place. Their new website was a nominated CSS Winner in 2018! 

When creating content tailored to your customers, always use a friendly, yet professional conversational tone with the use of “you”, “we” and “I”. Encourage comments and questions and be sure to answer them quickly. If you can include some interesting, behind-the-scenes information in the form of images, videos and graphics, even better as this will show your customers that you are human!

4. Research competitor’s brands

Although we mentioned that you should never try and emulate another company’s brand, it is vital that you conduct extensive research into what your competitors are doing. Focus on those who are successful in your industry and niche and find out what they are doing right (and, sometimes wrong). With enough information, you will have the ability to differentiate yourself from them.

Call us biased, but we believe brand positioning should be a top priority. So for this specialist website for Karman Ghia enthusiasts, we conducted extensive, ‘borderline obsessive’ competitor research before we even started.

Once you have done this, you will soon discover that in order for your brand to stand out online, it has to be very easy for any potential customers to instantly recognise.

5. Have a clear and Consistent Tone and Message

The content that is on your website needs to be very carefully and intelligently crafted. Any content should reflect your brand’s mission, voice and values. Before posting or publishing any content, ask yourself what type of message you are trying to convey? If this is not consistent with what your brand stands for, then it will not be suitable.

Your content speaks volumes to potential customers as it delivers a message about your company and should therefore have a unified, consistent and logical tone and message.

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