5 Construction Marketing Agency Tips

Tips from an experienced construction marketing agency

Marketing in the middle of a pandemic will test us all, but businesses should think long-term and keep building their brand. So we’ve put together this guide highlighting 5 top tips to attract & win clients for your construction company

We specialise in developing successful marketing strategies that get results for clients in the construction and property sector. So hopefully, our insights will help you connect with more customers.

Our consultants work closely with our clients to identify their key business needs and provide a tailored marketing campaign that gets results. As a result,  we created an online presence for Malling Masonry that focused on their biggest asset – their work!

Malling Masonry’s website rebrand and digital marketing gets results, and our client was 100% satisfied “I couldn’t recommend Signature image consultants enough. Since we hired their services to rebuild our website and put us at the top of google in our field with their crazy SEO techniques we have been inundated with enquires which has led to a huge workload! Signature has been pivotal to our exponential growth. They are a super friendly, professional, and pro-active team.” – Marc Howard, Director, Malling Masonry Ltd

Construction marketing strategies that work

There’s many ways to market a construction company, but  we suggest you start by creating a platform for your business first. Social media presents excellent channels to create brand awareness. Word-of-mouth marketing and testimonials are also effective ways to build trust and create referral chains.

You should create a company Google Business page, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter account, and optimise the heck out of it! You can also invest in highly targeted ads.

Your company must invest in creating a stunning website with effective sales funnels to market your services which plays a central role for converting email marketing, ppc, social media or SEO campaigns. Therefore your website should showcase your work, reviews, time lapse videos, cost calculators, or articles focused on your niche. It could also be used as a tool to allow you collaborate with stakeholders and help your business grow.

Strengthen your online presence, by marketing your construction company, where people are actually looking. Sites like checkatrade.com and other recommendation sites are great for this. Because their endorsement gives a good first impression  adds another layer of confidence and builds trust for your business.

You can also generate leads from an effective geo-targeted Google Ad campaign to make your sure your services are displayed to potential clients.

If your website traffic is falling, or you notice a drop in rankings, it’s a good time to hire a specialist to make sure you get off to a good start. Any company that’s doing it right is going to need your help. So look for an SEO company with proven experience in your niche, and talk to them about your competitors, your expectations and your budget criteria and be realistic.

Get involved from the outset, and ask about deliverables to make sure you get the best possible results from your marketing strategy. Measure results by analysing ROI  and by the new business generated by your construction marketing campaign.

Your campaign is working if you are getting good feedback and your getting more clients than before.

You can also us Google Analytics to get traffic insights – by viewing your engagement and reach. This will help you to identify and understand how effectively your message is being communicated to your potential audience.

Want to stand out from your local competion?

As a construction marketing agency based in Maidstone Kent UK, with a proven track record of delivering measurable results for the property and construction industry, we know your business and your market. Give us a brief run down of what you’re trying to achieve, goals & who your main audience is.