CDW Clerkenwell Design Week PR Push

Project description

There’s more to us than just creating exciting websites that get results. We manage & implement innovative and highly creative pr campaigns that get people talking too! So here’s a recent PR campaign worth shouting about.

Staged across one of the most important design hubs in the UK, Clerkenwell Design Week is a celebration of extraordinary creativity, attracting over 30,000 attendees across different venues.

A pre-event press release was sent out as we started building a social media audience on both Twitter and Instagram platforms; posting teasers and using library images of Umbrella staff, guest speakers and selling the theme of the afterparty, etc. Instagram had more buzz and asked more informal questions.

Signature provided blanket coverage over this 3-day event on Twitter and Instagram platforms, pushing the #umbrellaandfriends #cdwfestival and using trending hashtags linked to their special event page.

The aim was really to grow their followers and get like-minded people to follow Umbrella, buy into what we are doing and hopefully register for the event.

We used these platforms to promote free giveaways like free iPad cases Encouraging visitors to register and get down to this pop-up event and claim it in the next 45 mins!

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Date: April 8, 2019 Client: Umbrella Furniture Ltd

Signature's Clerkenwell Design Week PR Campaign for #UmbrellaAndFriends by digital marketing company in kent