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Project description

“Signature are brilliant at what they do. So knowledgable and scientific. Completely transparent and hard working. I would recommend this company and give 10 stars if possible.”

Badge it on a budget on retailers

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, this UK startup’s branding has to be bold, simple, and iconic. It’s really challenging to nail a pared-down branding style that ‘does what it says on the tin’.

We tried to make retail marketing simpler!

Lead by our retail marketing consultant, the web development team personalised and optimised this ‘WP Theme’ to create an eye-catching, Google-friendly, fast loading website. That is ‘less-robotic-sounding’ and friction-free.

The website was first de-cluttered, then we added clear sign-posted links to product categories. Featured clothing ranges on the homepage now have plenty of white space to help their workwear stand out. Interactive banners also help engage site visitors; focusing on deals, offers, and incentives with a clear call-to-action!

We devised a frictionless ‘simple’ WooCommerce solution to guide customers through a sales funnel

We wanted to turn browsers into buyers, so we simplified the usability experience; removing unnecessary steps in the work-flow. Our goal was to guide customers through a sales funnel and reduce cart abandonment rates.

We’re working closely with Uneek Clothing, Super Touch, and Ralawise on PR strategies to build brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Once completed our search marketing team steps in to optimise the heck out of this WP Theme; improving page load speeds, mobile user-experience and making the site Google-friendly.

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Date: February 10, 2020 Client: Badge It On A Budget

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