Digital Print Business of the Year.

Project description

“Great, professional service and support at all times. Best ‘Search Marketing Services‘ we ever had. Well done and keep up the great work!”

Farrukh A, Director, Adana Print

Voted ‘Best Digital Printers in London’, empowers freelancers, campaign employees and small businesses to design, upload and order stationery, promotional/ campaign material and customised merch! Customers can expect a super quick, short-run digital printing service without the hassle.

“Our client can focus on getting the job done! The site will handle everything else”

Good user experience (UX) is more than just a pretty website design

Lead by our retail marketing consultant, the development team worked with the template designer to customise the website. The smallest amount of friction can turn online customers off in a moment. So Signature created an easy order-to-checkout-flow using customisable forms to ‘auto calculate’ WooCommerce custom fields.

A mobile version of this website just wasn’t good enough!

For an adaptive web design (AWD), we used static layouts focused on micro, small, mid and extra-large screen sizes. Our aim was to retrofit the WordPress theme to improve usability and remove potential bottlenecks in the user-flow. So prioritized sign-in, artwork uploader and contact info and we hid ‘content clutter’. We also considered disabling ‘mini carts’ on mobile devices for a ‘faster checkout’. This created a much improved linear UX for the format they were using.

How we avoided bothering 86% of customers on sign-ups

Shoppers expect a seamless online experience, they know it’s available and are annoyed by websites that don’t offer it. So we’re adding social login buttons to “My Account” and checkout pages to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

We wanted a frictionless ‘smart’ eCommerce solution to meet rising expectations

We wanted to turn customers into advocates so we simplified the checkout process by ‘skipping the cart page’ to encourage mobile customers to quickly order on the go which will lead to a possible increase in sales.

We collaborated with WeTransfer, Shiptheory, PayPal, and Parcelforce to make the order-to-delivery process painless.

Our digital marketing team then stepped in to help create the content that fills the static pages on this website along with new blog posts and direct marketing copy to encourage customers to share recent purchases on social channels.

How much is a good ecommerce website? Nothing compared to the cost of a bad one! This article has tips to help avoid some of the biggest ecommerce blunders


Date: September 28, 2019 Client: Adana Graphic Supplies Ltd