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Project description

We’re excited to announce the launch of this b2b website that smacks you with a huge, in-your-face call-to-action as soon as you land on the home page! is a professional marketplace that puts Startup businesses in touch with Freelance experts.

What business idea are you trying to promote?

Startrs is a great platform for business exposure and ‘Startups’ can set up a single page website to share their business idea, videos and photos to attract customers for no cost whatsoever. Site visitors can simply browse the Startrs homepage to see ‘projects we love’.

I need a…

Startups can also post a project through this platform using a professional services locator which searches a database of ‘approved’ Freelancers offering a range of services.

Get job leads fast!

Startrs emails the freelancer details of what they need, their budget criteria and timescales. The Freelancer buys credits to access leads from businesses looking for a service like theirs.

Date: April 30, 2018 Client: Startrs

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