Branding strategies for startups

Project description

Every once in a while we launch a new startup that people like and share! Good UX depends on context, so today we’re showcasing a style magazine for a startup company; providing innovative workplace solutions with exceptional functionality.

Every startup company has a story to tell. A big part of the creative process is nailing down the details. NN/g reported ‘Users want to do the least amount of work possible to get to a desired web page’. Users are also influenced by the ‘quality and informational content of an image’, according to another NN/g study.

So we took a content first approach to develop a minimalist and fully bespoke responsive WordPress website. Using InVision to create hero animations, zig-zag & conventional aligned layouts to wow users with interactive content; tell their story and create a path that’s easy to navigate.

Part magazine, part sourcebook, this WP (open source) site is a visually led blog with squeeze pages; a bold introduction to an audience, that is already comfortable with short-form storytelling.

Since we’re living in a digitally-focused world today, we created social media covers & banners; crucial branding material to work on a range of different platforms, so Tua appears modern, and professional.

It’s worth a visit if you’re looking for inspiration to liven up a workspace. Find out what they can provide for you at

Date: April 2, 2020 Client: Tua Interiors Limited

tua interiors magazine style website
tua interiors magazine style website
tua interiors magazine style website
tua interiors magazine style website
Branding Guide for Tua Interiors