Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll know that social media is growing in importance as a fast, and more direct marketing tool. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to engage in social engagement online with fans or customers in a way that is friendly but still professional. There are many social media goofs that even big companies are making through social media, and it’s important that these mistakes be avoided in order to maintain the company’s image.


Here’s our top 5 social media goofs to avoid


5. Don’t rely on just one channel

Business should focus on more than just ranking in search results. SEO is all about change, so if your site isn’t ranking well, PPC becomes too costly, or your site goes down you can get leads from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and well as print ads and ambient media as part of a well balanced portfolio of ways to get leads. So identity two or more social media channels that are the right fit for your business.

4. Build an audience by developing a content strategy

Content without intent is like the tree falling in the forest – no one will hear your message. Getting noticed is important, but customers won’t stick around if the content is below par. Take the time to write professional information that customers can care about.

3. Control the flow of information to keep your audience engaged

It’s important to maintain your flow of social engagement by posting content on a regular basis and joining in other conversations. Too much, and readers are bogged down; too little, and they won’t care enough to come back to check your sporadic updates. Creating a schedule adds an element of reliability so your users can know exactly when to check your content.

2. Don’t Resort to Personal Feelings

It can be easy to get personal on social engagement accounts, but it’s highly recommended that you keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t speak competitors in a bad light; no matter how tempted you might be. The goal of your social media account is to remain as professional as possible and to form connections with your customers, not to use it as a soundboard for your personal feelings.

1. Survey finds people are less polite on social media

A 2013 survey from VitalSmarts found that 88 percent of respondents agreed with this statement while 75 percent say they have seen “good manners” go down the toilet on social media in recent years.

According to the Marketo Blog, another social media goof that many companies make is making insensitive comments and marketing moves on their social media accounts, especially during traumatic times. For example, one company decided to have a “Hurricane Sandy” sale on their clothing after the disaster hit. These can seriously jeopardise the reputation of a company and ultimately lead to its downfall. It’s important to take the sensitivities of customers into account to ensure that you’re not offending anyone with your content.


Many social media goofs can be recovered from if the consequences aren’t serious, but it’s the bigger ones that are more difficult to recover from. Read our Step-by-Step Guide. It pays to learn the etiquette of social media in order to avoid making a mistake in the future so they can start working for your benefit.