How much does a good website cost?

Need a website, but don’t know what a good website costs?


Your website is your most valuable sales and marketing tool. It’s the hub of any good inbound marketing plan, and the first thing your prospects look for before making a purchase.

However, the general standard of business websites is improving. As more business owners recognise the importance of being found where people are actually looking. They’re search engine friendly, speedier, more streamlined, mobile-friendly, and more likely to be useful. So this is excellent for the business owner but makes a marketer’s work a tad more challenging.

As the pandemic continues to have a significant impact, every business must up its game to remain relevant and competitive. This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that all businesses will face at some point: re-designing their website. But a good website costs anything from a few hundred to thousands, depending on how bespoke it is. 

We’ve chosen to address this problem head-on because many businesses have no clue how much they should spend on a website or what to expect in return. In this post, we’re going to cover the reasons why prices vary, and website builders v’s web designers. For now, let’s talk about why the cost of websites can vary so much.

If you want to have a website for your business, there are hidden website costs that you will have to pay to have your website. These expenses are domain registration, web design, site hosting, site maintenance, and website marketing. The biggest expenses are usually made when creating the website, since the entire website has to be created from the beginning, unlike the maintenance expenses that are few because they are the same processes, making it easier. To create your website there are 2 clear options. You can use a website builder or you can hire a web designer.


A website builder is an OK starting point if you’re on a budget


A DIY website builder such as Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace is a popular platform for start-ups, and very basic, restrictive e-commerce websites, blogs, portfolios, or landing pages – with limited functionality (no coding skills are required). These website builders cost around £10 and £220 per month and are an OK place to start if you’re on a very tight budget (depending on the website builder you choose).


But beware, this simplicity comes at a cost! Aside from technical SEO limitations, the inability to directly edit your website’s HTML makes it harder to add additional features. 


Is hiring a web designer better?


Web developers/ web designers are usually more expensive than DIY website builders since they offer more customisation of your website. Usually, agencies charge an hourly rate of around £50/hour or a fixed priced build from around £5000+

The reason why a digital agency is more expensive than a website builder is simple, you have to take into account that in a digital agency there is a whole team dedicated to each area of your website, this makes all the work more agile and with a better result.

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